7 Books With Strange Narrative Structures

I've always loved books that challenge me; books that make me re-think the ordinary; books that teach me something about writing. Usually those are the books with strange narrative structure. By 'strange', I mean non-linear. Or maybe just told in an unexpected way. Books with time jumps, or multiple perspectives, or cross-mediums. Here are 7 … Continue reading 7 Books With Strange Narrative Structures


Unboxing “Fateful Fantasy” by Bookcase Australia!

I recently received my first book subscription box from Bookcase Australia! Bookcase Australia¬†pick one Aussie book and a selection of locally-made goodies to send to their subscribers every quarter, which supports homegrown creatives from all over the country. The "Fateful Fantasy" book was Heart of Mist by debut fantasy author Helen Scheuerer, which I loved … Continue reading Unboxing “Fateful Fantasy” by Bookcase Australia!

5 Social Media Tips For Introverted Writers And Readers

Having a social media presence isn't easy, especially when you're an introvert in the first place. But being part of the online writing and reading community doesn't have to be scary or tiring. Lots of modern advice for writers will stress the importance of having a blog, an author website, or being across social media … Continue reading 5 Social Media Tips For Introverted Writers And Readers