3 tips to write a poem in 10 minutes

I recently posted a writing prompt to write a poem with me in 10 minutes. But it’s easier said than done!

Writing poetry is hard. You stare at that blank page and nothing seems good enough to put pen to paper. I know the feeling.

So to explain some of my personal techniques for writing poetry, I made a video talking through my process for the 10-minute “apple” poem I wrote (and shared) previously.

My 3 techniques for writing a poem in 10 mins

Not all of these techniques will immediately work for everyone, but they do work for me! But there is one golden rule that I guarantee will work for you: PRACTICE.

It’s obvious, I know. But practice is essential to all writing. So if you’re curious about dipping your poetic toes into verse, practice a few days a week (at least!).

Write a haiku a day.

Take note of the things in your day that make you feel poetic and present.

Read poetry books.

Try free writing.

And keep going 🙂

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