portrait of kyra thomsen in front of bookshelf

I’m Kyra Thomsen, a writer and reader from Sydney, Australia.

I mostly write contemporary, literary short stories and dabble in poetry from time to time.

I also read a lot. My favourite books are fiction (both contemporary and classics) but I love a good page-turning fantasy or sci-fi story.

I was Deputy Editor of Writer’s Edit from 2013-2016 and poetry editor for all three Kindling anthologies.

I was also a volunteer sub-editor of Mascara Literary Review and book critic for New South Wales Writers’ Centre.

My favourite colour is green. I’m a proud Slytherin. I can’t help myself when it comes to second-hand book bargains. I’m also a dreamer, a photographer, and a shameless dancer.

The story behind ‘write, read, roar’

Over five years ago I woke from a dream with a line of poetry in my head. And it’s stuck with me all this time.

If we were little rockets, we would roar…

Here was something straight from my creative subconscious, telling me to raise my voice a little louder, even though I’m just one small person with a story to tell.

So I’m trying to follow my own advice! And I encourage everyone else out there living creative lives, to keep writing, reading and roaring.