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I’m Kyra Thomsen, a writer and reader living on Dharawal Country.

I mostly write contemporary, literary short stories and dabble in poetry from time to time.

I also read a bit. My favourite books are fiction (both contemporary and classics) and I’m one of those people who writes in margins and breaks book spines.

I was Deputy Editor of Writer’s Edit from 2013-2016 and poetry editor for all three Kindling anthologies.

I’ve also sub-edited for Mascara Literary Review and was a regular book critic for New South Wales Writers’ Centre.

The story behind ‘write, read, roar’

One morning I woke from a dream with a line of poetry in my head.

If we were little rockets, we would roar…

Here was something straight from my creative subconscious, telling me to raise my voice a little louder, even though I’m just one small person.

So I’m trying to follow my own advice! And I encourage everyone else out there living creative lives, to keep writing, reading and roaring.