Fiction & Poetry

I’ve been focused on short stories for much of my writing life. I’m having a long-lasting love affair with Hemingway’s Iceberg Theory and the humble simile!

As for verse, like most of us, I found connection with poetry as a teenager. I still write sporadic lines in the dark when nobody is looking.

Some of my biggest prose inspirations are Katherine Mansfield, Jennifer Egan, and Diana Gabaldon. And in poetry, I’m enamored with Joanne Burns and Kate Tempest.

a black cross necklace, camera brooch and the book Ariel by Sylvia Plath


Screams Mean Fear or Pain‘: Antipodean SF (2018)

‘Sidewinder’: Kindling Volume III (2016)

‘Buzzing’: Spineless Wonders (2016)

The Meteor Shower‘: Seizure Online (2016)

‘Loggerheads’: Kindling Volume I by Writer’s Edit Press (2014)

‘Mrs. Metkin’s Lemons’: Kindling Volume I by Writer’s Edit Press (2014)

Life Sentence‘: Seizure Online, Issue 8 (2014)

Main Street of Burra‘: Questions Journal, Issue 1 (2014)

Shedding the Skin‘: Space, Place & Culture by Future Leaders (2013)

‘Taking Up Space’: Tide, Issue 7 (2010)


Like trying to remember a dream‘: Cordite Poetry (2018)

Spinning‘: Verity La (2016)

‘Sirens’: Tide, Issue 8 (2011)