Other Articles

These are articles published in various print media or books. Some have been commissioned by publications, while others have been accepted after being sent for submission.

Some of the following were also written during my internship with the Fairfax newspaper, Southern Highland News, in 2012 where I spent a week conducting ‘vox pops’, chasing up interviews, and proofreading content.

‘Stop Comparing, Start Creating’ – Kindling III, Writer’s Edit Press (2016)

‘How to Write Good Dialogue’ – ACTWrite Magazine (2016)

‘Get Competitive: How to Submit to Writing Competitions’ – Kindling I, Writer’s Edit Press (2014)

‘Rocking Out at Rockability’ – Southern Highland News (2012)

‘Sunday to Focus on Heritage’ – Southern Highland News (2012)

‘Biota Brimming with Birthday Pride’ – Southern Highland News (2012)

‘Highlands Support Relay for Life’ – Southern Highland News (2012)

‘Goward Urges Patience Over Gaol’ – Southern Highland News (2012)

‘Tulip Time Queen Blooms’ – Southern Highland News (2012)