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I do a little bit of everything because I like to be ambitious and tick things off my to-do list.


My writing skills and services are varied and include those listed below and so much more.

I’m happy to discuss any project you have in mind and provide free advice and a no-obligation quote.

Because I calculate prices based on an estimated hourly rate and the nature of your needs, it’s fair for both of us.


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Fiction and Poetry Assessments

Structural Edits

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Kyra Thomsen (née Bandte) has worked as Poetry Editor and Deputy Editor for Writer’s Edit for close to three years now. Her editing skills, sensitivity and initiative still never cease to amaze me.

Very early on in our working relationship, I realised what a rarity someone like Kyra is. It’s not often passion, talent and thoughtfulness manifest in one person.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone. Kyra is an especially wonderful choice for new writers seeking encouragement and constructive feedback on their work.

 – Helen Scheuerer, Founding Editor of Writer’s Edit

Kyra Thomsen (née Bandte) edited some poems of mine for the first edition of Kindling by Writer’s Edit in 2014 and it was during these inspired moments I realised her expertise on my first major publication, The Waterfowl Are Drunk! was essential.

In true ‘Kyra’ style she sliced through my words with a kind but firm grip, offering perceptive observations and constructive changes.

Bandte helped turn my manuscript into a more cleverly crafted collection in just a few emails and I could never thank her enough for her vision, support, time and obvious passion in the field.

I know I could always trust her judgement and I will definitely be seeking her services again in the future.

– Kate Liston-Mills, author of The Waterfowl are Drunk!