Write a poem with me: APPLE

Don’t think of yourself as a poet? Maybe you’ve been writing poems every day since forever. Either way, I feel like this writing exercise would be good practice, just to write something!

Here’s how it works:

  1. I give us a prompt
  2.  We spend 10 minutes writing a poem from scratch
  3.  I share my poem (and you can share yours, if you want to!)

Watch the video below to play along and hear me read my poem.

Please note: this writing exercise is not for workshopping together or getting critiques. It’s just for fun!

Share your poem in the comments or on social media if you want to! Don’t forget to tag me @KyraThomsen so I can see you 🙂

5 thoughts on “Write a poem with me: APPLE

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  2. She tosses it down,
    warns me not to eat

    Bitter now, the granny’s are for baking
    Crusty, sweet pie after tea

    Queen on her ladder
    Magician of my childhood

    The backyard tree of
    Nan’s pride and my joy

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  3. You are far too kind. I watched your 3 tips video and committed to getting something written. It’s a memory from when I was about 7. I found the process quite fun! I didn’t think it was finished but I was up to 12 minutes so thought I should submit as is. Thanks for the cool idea and the tips to get me started. 😊

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    • Ahh I’m SO glad you found the tips video useful. Poetry (and all writing) is so subjective and is really about trial and error so I’m glad those tips helped get you started! It really is a beautiful poem. If it’s a memory you keep coming back to, you can always keep writing a new stanza! 😉 x


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