Have You Signed Up To My Monthly Newsletter?

I’ve been thinking. This blog was supposed to be a place to explore my writing life from behind the scenes. But I want it to be so much more than that…

So I’ve started a newsletter! You can subscribe right here, if you’re already interested. (Yay!)

Each newsletter will contain:

  • Some of my writing secrets, my fears and a few high-fives
  • My top-picks for online writing advice articles
  • What I’ve been reading, including mini-reviews
  • Must-see bits from my social media, including YouTube and Instagram
  • Shout outs to other creative people I think you should know about
  • Sneak-peeks of what’s coming up in my writing life
  • Whatever else I think is inspiring, exciting or just mind-blowingly amazing

What’s the point when you already have a blog?

The idea is to share something truly special with you. Something that expresses who I am as a creative person and opens up conversations.

Most of you know that I’m not only a writer and editor, but also an avid reader, photographer and YouTuber.

The monthly writing recaps on this blog will be discontinued. Because there’s not much point when I’m offering much prettier, more exclusive content in my newsletter – right?

I’ll still post thought-pieces here from time to time, but if you want *the good stuff* make sure to subscribe to my mailing list.

The important subscription stuff…

To sign up for these monthly updates from me, you’ll need to subscribe to my newsletter.

If you follow my blog on WordPress (i.e. you’re reading this post in your email inbox right now), you’ll need to re-subscribe using the form linked below.

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