Writing Life Recap: July 2016

July kicked off hard and then seemed to tumble in on itself. I struggled with that well-known beast ‘burn-out’ later in the month and that put a bit of a shadow over all the cool things that happened.

And a lot of cool stuff did happen!

kaboompics.com_Female hands on Macbook Pro

Image via Kaboompics

But I think it’s important that writers acknowledge burn-out as a serious deal. It’s all too easy to take on too much and not treat yourself to enough down-time.

I work full-time writing at a computer so sometimes sitting down to write outside of work is a bit shit. A lot of people struggle with this, and it’s damn hard (and it’s okay to admit that it’s hard).

Consider this your official permission to say ‘no’ once in a while.

With that public service announcement out of the way, let’s launch into the recap!

On July 1st, I went to an official Harry Potter party in Sydney with my two fave ladies, Helen Scheuerer & Claire Bradshaw.


The brightest young witches of our age 😉

It was amazing. We dressed up in our house colours, drank polyjuice potion and butterbeer, and danced our hearts out to classic tunes from the 90s.

Needless to say this party was a massive peak in my July calendar. And it was only the first day of the month.

This month I also officially changed my name. Writing my new signature for the first time was pretty weird, but I’m getting used to this fancy new identity!

kaboompics.com_Opened notebook

Image via Kaboompics

That means there’ll be some changes to this blog, my website, and all my social media in the next few weeks. Hopefully it goes smoothly and without too much fuss (HA).

As for publications, July was a bit on the slow side for me. I did see one article about rejection published on Writer’s Edit which was lovely.

A few other reviews and exciting thangs have been pushed into August. So stay tuned for those next month!

Other creative pursuits this month included getting back into photography with my bookstagram photo challenges.

TahB 6

One of the more popular posts from my bookstagram challenges!

These were so fun to plan and post, and you can find a gallery of book pics here. I’m doing another challenge in August which is #ampersandaug16 so check it out or join up!

Well, that’s about it for July. August is looking up and I can’t wait to get stuck in (now that I seem to have shed the burn-out shadow!). There’s more writing, editing, and reading to do, after all 😉

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