Writing Life Recap: May 2016

Early on I dubbed this month ‘cray cray May’ as a joke and it definitely lived up to its name. May was crazy. And then some. But it was crazy good, which is the best kind of crazy, and for that I am thankful.

kaboompics.com_Workspace on a blanket

Image Credit: Kaboompics

Early in the month I got the good news that a short story of mine has been accepted for publication as a Slinkies Under 30 e-single for Spineless Wonders.

The story is about my old high school. There was a vacant lot just across the road where people would fight each other in the afternoons and we called it the ‘dirt patch’.

If anyone ever said to ‘meet you at the dirt patch’ you were in trouble.

So the story will go through some editing with Spineless Wonders and be published digitally later in the year. I’ll keep you posted on that one!

kaboompics.com_Working in a bed

Image Credit: Kaboompics

I also finished off some freelance work and had no sooner embraced the calm that comes with having a client’s edited manuscript submitted than I was contacted about a few more jobs.

The world of freelancing is still fairly new to me but I’m learning more and more with each job.

How much to charge is one of the biggest learning curves, because I want to offer fair prices but also don’t want to be taken advantage of. I think a lot of people struggle with that, but I’m working it out.

The major highlight of my month, bang-smack in the middle, was that I finally married my best friend. We’re high school sweethearts and tied the knot on our seventh anniversary ❤


Beautiful Robertson ❤ Image Credit: Kyra Bandte

It was a magical day. We said our vows surrounded by the beauty of the bush and a stunning waterfall, celebrating with family and friends, and danced until the early hours.

I couldn’t have asked for more, and I feel incredibly lucky to have found such love in life.

A week later was my best friend and editor-extraordinaire Helen Scheuerer’s birthday, complete with fairy lights and chocolate cake 🙂

Unfortunately I didn’t get to the Sydney Writers Festival this year, because there was so much going on that week that it was a bit overwhelming. I really only wanted to see Charlotte Wood.

Kate Williams vis StockSnap

Image Credit: Kate Williams via StockSnap

And as if my prayers had been answered, the amazing folk at Wollongong Writers Festival advertised for their next event: a talk with Charlotte Wood in Thirroul in June. I nabbed some tickets quick-smart.

So far I can see that June will be full of freelance work, working on Kindling III for Writer’s Edit, catch-ups with friends, and writing events to attend.

It won’t be as crazy as May, and I’m glad for that. I’ve relaxed back into my regular routine and a, keen to keep moving forward with writing, reading, and everyday romance.

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