Writing Life Recap: April 2016

I can’t believe April is over already. How did that happen. I’ve been trying to remember what I did this month; searching back through my calendar, looking hopelessly to my bookshelves for guidance.

I think the fact that it went by in a blur must mean it was a good month. Let’s go with that.


Image Credit: Jeffrey Betts via Stocksnap

Early in the month, Helen and I went to the Sydney book launch of Lynnette Lounsbury’s book We Ate the Road Like Vultures at Berkelouw Books.

It was great to meet the folk from Inkerman & Blunt and to have my book signed by Lynnette! The worst part was falling down the stairs on my way out. I’ve still not recovered. So that was ace.


Lynnette at the launch of ‘We Ate the Road Like Vultures’. Image Credit: Helen Scheuerer

That hazy middle section of the month must have been taken up by edits. I’ve been working on some freelance stuff and have also helped a few friends workshop extracts and novellas.

It’s always exciting to see what my contemporaries are writing, and to see their passion for their stories. It really does makes you want to write!

The short story I’ve been harping on about for the last few posts has finally gone live! Seizure were lovely enough to publish my flash fiction, The Meteor Shower, in April and hearing the feedback from friends was very humbling (thank you).

I got pretty lucky with The Meteor Shower. I wrote it in about 15 minutes as an afterthought to a day’s work and submitted it almost without thinking.

It’s funny how the story sometimes just wrenches itself out of you and flings itself into the world. You don’t even have a choice.

kaboompics.com_Acer Chromebook on the white desk

Image Credit: Kamboompics

We’ve finalised the shortlists for Kindling III and the poetry is pretty stellar, if I do say so myself. I’ve been working on initial edits and feedback, and squeezing in Short Story and Poem of the Month.

Just imagine me typing away on the train to work like, ‘Great use of enjambment!’ and ‘I love the way you’ve used repetition to reflect the characters’ relationship!’ and feeling like a bit of an artsy tosser but also totally loving it.


Image Credit: Ben Rosett via Stocksnap

Have I mentioned I’m getting married in two weeks? I’M GETTING MARRIED IN TWO WEEKS. And yes, I’m currently just as stressed as those aggressive capitals suggest.

May will see me tying the knot to my partner of seven years (woo); getting stuck into Kindling III edits; doing some more booktube vids; and maybe maybe maybe finally starting my Australian Gothic novella (eep!).

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