Writing Life Recap: March 2016

Lewis Carroll must have known how crazy the month of March could be. His March Hare was raving mad, after all.

I must have been channeling a bit of Wonderland, because having now come out the other side, it felt much like falling down a rabbit hole into a world of endlessly exciting new things.

In early March I met up with Helen, Claire, Bernadette and Dave to discuss new Writer’s Edit projects, including the launch of a new site which has just gone live (it’s super pretty, check it out!).

WE meeting - bernadette

Image Credit: Bernadette Mung

There’s also something hush-hush on the horizon but we can’t spill the beans til May 🙂

It’s always great to catch up with everyone for a few lols and a few drinks (and a round of applause, because #nateshere).

Mid-March, coming off the back of my short story rejection in February, I got an email saying that a flash fiction of mine has been accepted for publication in April.

It just goes to show that there are countless ups and downs in the writing world; you sip from a bottle and shrink to the size of an atom, then bite into a cookie and all is well again.

You never know what’s going to happen next, you just have to keep trying new things.

The Writer’s Edit gals also road-tripped to our nation’s capital in March, as stallholders at Noted Festival’s Independent Publishing Fair.

Noted Fest 1

About to set off! Don’t forget the Grain Waves chippies 😉

We started the weekend off with a few wines and dancing tutorials at Casa Scheuerer (dear memories I’ll hold onto when I’m old and grey) and then piled into the car, off to Canny B.

Canberra is an odd city. The few times I’ve stayed there, it’s been quiet. Friendly and cool, but quiet (when compared to Sydney or Melbs). It was a good spot for the literary festival, since it had a good laid-back buzz.

Noted Fest 2

Can never had too many lols ❤

Kindling, volumes one and two, were up for sale and we had great exposure to new audiences.

We had a lot of great feedback about the books and people were as excited as we were which made us all smile like goofs.

I loved chatting with customers about their reading and writing, and had a great time doing the rounds to other publishers’ stalls and buying up a storm.

I came away with a stack of short story collections from Spineless Wonders, as well as books from Seizure and Grapple Publishing. They look fabulous on my shelves, I must say.

We met so many new people and put some faces to names we’d only ever heard on the editorial teams of other journals we look up to. My Twitter went ballistic and I got to follow lots of new friends.

Noted Fest 3

Our Writer’s Edit anthology, full of writing inspirations and instructions…

Kindling III is underway. I’ve just finished selecting my shortlist for the poetry, and am feeling really good about the quality of the poems. I think this is going to be a cracker book to finish the trilogy.

I’ve also been reading a lot of submissions for Short Story and Poem of the Month, which also shows a few promising pieces for publication.

Being an editor is a bittersweet job. Working with new authors to polish and publish their work is an amazing feeling that I’m very privileged to have. Having to send rejection emails is pretty sucky.

reading submissions

Late-night Tuesdays reading short story submissions – yay!

In terms of my own writing, I’ve been revisiting some old stories; pinching them at the sides and re-stitching their seams. One story has the potential to be a novella, and that’s a bit scary. Not sure what direction I’ll go with it just yet, but I’m in no rush.

I’ve just had a book review of The Last Wilkie’s and Other Stories by Jon Steiner published by the New South Wales Writers’ Centre, and have another review forthcoming in a journal.

I’m trying to branch away from the non-fiction side of writing, because in 2015 I almost exclusively only had reviews and articles published.

It would be nice to send some stories into the world again. They’re like children, grown and still living at home – I want them out.

April will see me trying to get stories published, meeting the new Kindling poets and starting the edits, and also going a bit nutso because my wedding is fast approaching and I haven’t paid for the food yet (today I bought shoes – this is an achievement).

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