Writing Life Recap: January 2016

I kicked off the year in a black maxi skirt, listening to the sharp blasts of illegal fireworks and enjoying a late-night wine with family.


Image Credit: Elmastudio via Flickr Creative Commons

I was working on a proofreading project for a client while on my down-time from work and on holidays on the South Coast with my fam. It was relaxing to slip into the manuscript and zone out while editing.

When I finished the proofing I moved on to reading the draft of the amazing Helen Scheuerer’s novel Red Hands; a jungle of dense themes, bullet-sharp lines, and complex characters.

Stirring a pot of saucy spaghetti and chatting to Helen on the phone about scenes and characters is a highlight of my writerly month.


Image Credit: Bernadette Mung 2016

Another great night had me catching up with the Writer’s Edit ladies and debating the value of chocolates (Crunchies are still on my enemy blacklist!). I probably shouldn’t have finished that bottle of wine. Thanks for the laughs, gals.

In January I took over Writer’s Edit’s Short Story and Poem of the Month. I read through our amazing submissions, shortlisted a number of stunning pieces of writing, and worked with two authors to publish their writing for our February features.

Working with other authors is one of my favourite things.

I love emailing them to tell them they’ve been chosen, and I love sending them my feedback, and I love seeing their writing out in the world.

Being an editor and part of a publishing team is one of the best things I’ve done since leaving university. I have Helen to thank for that.


Image Credit: Silvia Sala via Flickr Creative Commons

As for the coming month, there are some exciting things floating around my to-do boards and in the back of my mind. There’s some more manuscript editing, more Short Story and Poem of the Month authors to publish…

And of course, my own writing – I’ve got a folder full of short fiction to start sorting through and sending to friends to workshop. One story at a time.



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